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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> new tonight at 11. out of control man with a knife on a rampage at local restaurant. terrified diners run for the door but one group of employees and patrons well they refused to become down. good evening everyone. i'm in for dan. police say 26-year-old jose olive started waving a knife around inside this restaurant. that's where alan is live tonight in san leandro. >>reporter: this is one of those moments where you ask yourself should i stay and fight or should i run? well a lieutenant of the people here ran and those people who stayed and fought had a hard time even after they got the knife out of this guy's hand. police say it took 6 people to take him down. >> the fact that not one person got hurt is a miracle. >>reporter: davidko was eating at the restaurant in san leandro around 11:00 p.m. when
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he heard an out burst. he says 6 people restaurant employees and patron were wrestling with 26-year-old jose olive. >> he yelled he has knife. bunch of people started running out of the restaurant and pretty chaotic and scary. >> off duty employee grabbed 12 inch knife out of the kitchen. he was drinking at the bar when he began accusing others of stealing his cell phone. >> he didn't let nebraska out of the restaurant. started walkinging around the restaurant with the knife asking who had his cell phone. >> that's when employee and patron caught him off guard and fought back. >> he was contained of swinging the knife around even as people were holding him. >> he's a police academy recruit and happened to have handcuffs in the car. >> we had the arm out. he was like just to get the handcuffs on took a lot of strength and there were 5 people just to get the arms close enough to get them on. >> he was still kicking fateing back even after police arrived. >> became violent with our officers and tlully bit one of our officers in the leg.
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>> police charge him with brandishing weapon and assaulting police officer but if it weren't for the people who subdued him it could have been a lot worse. in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> if you details tonight. man shot inside home this afternoon in downtown vallejo has died. it happened this afternoon open capitol street just block away from city hall. the victim has been identified as 44-year-old will troy johnson. thinks the fourth shooting in vallejo and second fatality in less than 12 hours. >> employee at the party store in fremont accused of snapping photo up a woman's dress. police believe there may be more victims. the woman told police the employee was stalking her through the store while shopping with her child. at one point she saw him on the ground behind her holding a camera underneath her dress. police arrested the 21-year-old man they say he admitted to the crime and told them this was not the first time he had done such a thing. >> police on planes need your help to track down man wanted
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in bizarre case of stalking and vandalism. they say he followed and videotaped a wohl last wednesday inside a michael art and craft store in san mateo o. she spotted him walking away from her car when she left the store. woman told police she found an oily foul smelling liquid on her driver seat. police are training to determine exactly what that substance is. they think the man may responsible for other similar incidents. >> bay area reese lent love one in the middle east hoping the fighting will end soon. this was the seventh straight day of attack between israel and hamas and pressure is mounting for a cease fire. lillian here now with more. >> ham has rejected text of cease fire proposal written by the egyptian clearly not what the international community was hoping for. in the mean time people here in the bay area with family in gaza remain on edge. >> these are the kind of messages i get from some of my family members.
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>> helpless feeling depressed one of many facebook status update written by her extended family in gases a.san francisco native has been calling her cousin every day to make sure they and their children are okay. so far none of the relatives hurt but cousin home destroyed by israeli bomb. >> sf how is this in comparison to the last war and they said this is so much worse. and i thought how could this be worse they said because at the time bombs are dropping every few minutes. >>reporter: the fighting between israel and hamas militant in the strip has been going on for a weak now. one 85 palestinian kill. no reports of any israeli death. today obama administration reiterated the support forth action is israelis have taken so far. >> no country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians. and that's the reason that we the support about israel's right to defend itself. >>reporter: at this point
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israel has been successful in intercepting the rocket launched from gaza. latest effort involved a missile that israel used to shut down unarmed hamas drone along the coast. palestinian team whose kidnapping murder triggered the violence his extended family is hoping for app end to the fat fateing sichbility it sad ep me because this is t-this is what it led to? >>reporter: the secretary of state john kerry considered extending his current diplomatic trip to head to the middle east to help broker a cease fire but the secretary has decided to head home. >> thank you lillian. >> new effort under way to come one solution to the crisis at the border. with thousands of children from central america many of them alone crossing into the u.s. illegally. delegation of california lawmakers just arrived in central america to visit guatemala, el salvador and panama. they will be meeting with the president of the the country and national officials and many children fleeing the
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country because of deadly gang violence. >> we go down to listen and learn and come back and make some recommendations to our counter part in the state government and the federal government and to l hopefully be able to assist with this humanitarian crisis. >> senator corbet of san leandro also among the 6 lawmakers on the mission. >> man hunt tonight for armed robber who may have struck in two cities. approached a man near palo alto city hall just after 1 this morning the demanding victim wallet and cell phone. victim told investigators the robber was holding a gun. police think he may have also held up 2 teens in menlo park yesterday. >> major roadway in the north bay is still closed. 16 hours after a big rig crash shut it down. take a live look at the scene right now crew patching up drake boulevard guest it ready for tomorrow morning commute see a crew repaving the danieled asphalt there. they have already up righted the cab in both tank and removed them
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but took hours and hours. one tank punctured in the crash that happened at 7:00 o'clock this morning that sent fuel spilling across the road. driver of the vehicle was not hurt. the crash and day long clean up and repairs caused severe traffic problems. sky 7 hd was above 5 80 during the evening commute with cars in the westbound lanes just crawling along. chp says the pavement could be fixed by 1:00 a.m. >> open to avoid brutal grid lock on football sunday. 49ers and the city of santa clara have present add plan to ease traffic at the new levi stadium. season ticket holders will be able to down load turn by turn directions taking them on specific route to the stadium. road and intersections nearby changed to help with the flow of traffic. also be synchronize traffic lights. for non-drivers cal taken and vta increase the service and drop-off spot for lift uber and taxi. city
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council is expected to approve the parking plan tomorrow. >> the alaska advice to crime. next on 7 news. local woman hobby has become a coast to coast cause. how she's doing her part to make our streets safer. >> plus the body image backlash why this picture posted bay former reality star is causing such social media fire storm tonight. plus meet the local woman who is trying to reunite a family with their lost memory and she need your help. >> live doppler 7 hd tracking monsoon moisture and that means a muggy morning ahead. let you know when we lose the humidity but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> here's a snippet of what we are up to tonight. fight can i see the back. >> i don't know what they can see. i don't know what is going on. okay there we go. going on. okay there we go. okay.
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stivrnlt talks about syberian winter but summer no party either. beach goers desperately running for cover after storm suddenly moved in dropping cherry size hail stones on beach govrments you can see people were hiding under anything they could find to get away from the barrage. man who shot the video says the hail pounded the beach for 15 minutes. weather has been unusually extreme across much of russia this summer with snow hitting parts of the country that rarely see it during the summer months. sandhya along with the syberian forecast in a few mints moments. i'm joke. street art hit a nerve in the
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middle east. shes a woman in a soccer jersey world cup trophy in the shape of dish washing soap bottle spotted on a wall in iran. women are banned from watching soccer games in stadium there. many think the rule is cruel and outdated. painting has been covered up with picture shared thousands office times on social media. now to another controversial photo. this is former reality star talk show host bethany frank el wearing her 4-year-old pajama a. she posted this picture on instant gram with the caption this is my daughter's nightgown and p j shorts. think we are ready to start sharing clothes yet? well a fire storm of negative comments started immediately. many saying this promotes negative body image for women. go eat something and wear your own clothes. frankel laughed off the whole think writing when your fore wheeled peanut says please put my dress on you do what you are toychltd you have herd of being accessory to
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crime, how about accessory that can actually help prevent crime? pittsburgh police department is partnering with a woman whose art turns illegal guns into jewelry. 7 news tiffany wilson has the story. >> progression of illegal weapon happens all the time. but rarely do those cuffs look like this. >> we try to rae taken awe then testy and design at the same time not to glorify gun or 51 violence. >> they are part of the jewelry for about the collection. each made from the metal of illegal gun. designer jessica launched the collection in 2012 after then new jersey mayor booker spoke to her about gun violenc violence. >> it has been a really eye opening education and i'm so proud to be able to be a part of comprehensive public safety effort. >>reporter: pittsburg police sent her scrap metal from 2 91 weapon after the gun buy-back program last year. >> this guy came in with a modified rifle and said had he
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taken it from his brother and didn't want his brother to get in trouble. figure better that we had it and december detroit versus his brother using it. >> the serial number now appears on one of the san francisco caliber collection bracelet. she wanted every detail at the time panelling to the texture to the city stamp to show how former illegal weapon no longer have the ability to cause paper. >> we think it was symbolic to have this very shiney proper finish the lead when you first look at this. >> as of today she transformed thoughts of illegal guns into jewelry. portion of revenue help support new buy-back program and pittsburgh police are already seeing revenue. >> it brings recognition to the gun buy-back. fund to the cit city. but it also sends a message out there that we are taking illegal unwanted guns off the street. >>reporter: you cap order from the san francisco caliber collection. we have a link to jewelry for a cause on our site abc 7 in pittsburgh, tiffany will any abc 7 news.
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>> creative. >> local woman sharp eye has led her on national noise reunite family with lost memor memory. renee pocket e mailed this site lacking for some help. last saturday she spot add dimming tall camera memory card in the parking lot of the michael art and craft store in union city. didn't picture up at first but when she wept bag to the store she had change of cart. >> got to my car sat down this the what if. what if that was my picture. what if that was the my family photo. >> so take a look here. the card is loaded with most of family photo including some from christmas and family vacations. she posted some of them on facebook in an effort to return the memory card the rightful own. she's only doing what she would hope somebody would do if she had lost her camera card. >> pl tonight drink are flowing at french restaurant throughout the bay area. they are celebrating bass teal day.
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they have a dy with fad and drink special. dozens of people pack the alley for the french holiday celebrated each year. >> like the weather department on a monday night. sandhya joins us with a look at bizarre weather today. it was cloudy. sunny. it was hot. it was cool. just depended on where you were. >> yes. always a party in the weather department st it start the out with sun then the some mid high level cloud started move into the south bay pepsi will and pushed its way up northward and of course we saw the sea breeze come in and temperatures started to fall. you look at live doppler 7hd you see still a lot of cloud cover just few hours ago vacaville had a trace amount of rain. really just sprinkles as you watch here. i take you back in time we are watching all that monsoon moisture moving in. sierra nevada over 800 lightning striking by the
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time the evening hit so definitely an active pattern and they will continue to see slow moving thunderstorms dumping some heavy rain tomorrow so flash flood watch starts 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning including tahoe reno and runs until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. heat today despite the cloud cover. triple digit fairfield apartment i don't care livermore. 73 in richmond. 94 in santa rosa exploratorium comfortable 72 degrees. 82 redwood city. 86 san jose and 63 in half map basement of course with the mid high level clouds, it was sticky outside. not the kind of dry heat we are used to here in the bay area. but that sub tropical moisture added extra burst to the sun set from our east bay hills camera. definitely a pretty one. sundown 8:31. tonight we are seeing fog out there from our exploring camera. top of the transamerica pyramid here and watch out for the fog along the coast. 60's oakland. san carlos, san jose, gilroy still pretty mild 57 degree was 4
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mile visibility and following from the emeryville camera clouds across the bay here and temperatures in the 60's for napa santa rosa novato concord fairfield and livermore. still very warm with low mid 70's from the roof cam are sea breeze earlier has dropped off. mostly cloudy and muggy morning. heat eases inland tomorrow and stay humid the next few days so hang in if you don't like the heat. here's the monsoon flow coming in from the desert south west region and that's why we see the clouds and the moisture around here. if you ever ever lived in arizona you know what the monsoon moisture means. overnight tonight into tomorrow we continue to hang on to the clouds so we call it partly to mostly cloudy for tomorrow. the morning will start out in the 50's 60's and 70's like antioch not exactly great sleeping weather if you don't have air conditioning but i don't think you need to worry about a jacket or sweater tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon humid again. 88 morgan hill. south bay. 86 san jose. 85 for new sunnyvale on the peninsula clouds will
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keep it a little bit on the sticky side. 85 redwood city. 86 los altos. mild along the coast mid upper 60's. 70 downtown san francisco and north bay 84 santa rosa napa out towards the east bay we are looking at 75 in oakland. 84 cast from vaechlt inland spots not as hot as today but still humid and warm. 90 livermore fairfield accu-weather 7 day forecast tip with the cooling trend for your wednesday. by thursday mid 80's inland low 60's coast. temperatures will actually recover as we hit the weekend but we will lose the humidity forever saturday and sunday. mid 60's to low 90's back to summertime dry heat for inland areas larry and just a little reminder. it's always a party in the if weather department. >> that's why we are always back there happy to ditch the humidity. >> rae mind ber a big event. job fair tomorrow in cop cord including kellogg, solar city and shell interview candidate from noon to 4 at center
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concord on clayton road 300 job vacancy there. >> mav along with sports and mike advertise not mine he's yours. >> sultan has done it again winning second straight home run derby. sight to bay hold i didn't think could you hide could travel this are if a.
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>> about sec year in a row the king of swing. he has won home run derby at the classic. counter part josh challenge the teammate beforehand. >> like i said i told him earlier he maybe the defending champ but i'm the people champ and i'll take it down. >> well little did josh know would it come down to swing off between them to get out of the
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first ronald. donaldson monster 4 27 foot blast. one home run in the 3 swing allotted. congrats from shawn and derek. but the defending champ sends 2 packing in his 3 swing. knocked out teammate. 9 home run and beat baltimore jones and took care of baptist in the semi. national league favorite stan ton had this so cincinnati frasier only one gets to the final and hug from frasier. bad move here. he hit 9 more in the final. this one upper deck. 4 66 feet. love the reaction from the team mates. they were impressed. frasier knew it was over hit one when the chance came. all about the first back-to-back winner of the home run derby since ken junior did it 15 years ago
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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whatever yours riding 16 game summer league win streak dates back to 2010 and lakers wanted to end that tonight in las vegas. steve getting the coaching feet wet and gets teed up. all right. warriors and lakers. james michael bob nephew. huge dunk. he had 14. justin holiday game high 26. go ahead jumper with 6 seconds left. too much time. lakers topic randall for the win. fought going in by clark and tip in at the budser yin-88. warriors win streak end at sixteen. one more time legend at candlestick ice my best friend. all stars at the half but i found an opening right here. i see joe throw it touch down for old time sake flash back from the 70's and speak with final td catch of my career from the great one
11:31 pm
gentlemen montana then the final play gentlemen drives us down and find would else, ed game winning catch for no. 1 there carried him off the field with tears in his eye. big fun for everyone until sunday. if a lot of fun for everybody and he enjoyed it all. >> are you still icing. >> i am icing twice a day. >> thanks.
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♪ st sf sfo sf. >> that's our report for tonight. thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile did he vase was our abc 7 news app and our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. right now on jimmy kimmel, actress susan sarandon. have a good susan sarandon. have a good night everybody
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